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Our Vision
Bringing AI to Every Mission

We believe Edge AI is driving revolutionary changes in drone innovation

Taiwan's First Company Achieves the Top Cybersecurity Certification

1st Stage Military Pilot Project

DOD Taiwan


AiSeed drones recently achieved success by passing the first-stage military standard tender for surveillance drones in Taiwan, establishing the high-level cybersecurity. Our positioning aims military market with high cost-effectiveness and AI capabilities for reconnaissance and defense purposes.

AiSeed drones are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of military surveillance and defense operations. Our focus on high-level cybersecurity, cost-effectiveness, and AI capabilities sets us apart in delivering superior performance for reconnaissance and defense purposes.


Our Mission

We are leading the way into the future with the latest autonomous intelligent systems, addressing critical market pain points. With our unique design philosophy, we embrace practicality and innovation, setting new AI standards for drone solutions

By integrating Edge AI technology with forward-thinking design, we enable our drones to navigate and operate independently, fundamentally transforming the way missions are executed

We are committed to innovation, continuously developing and refining our drone technology to ensure optimal performance and reliability in critical military missions.

Core Values

Innovative sUAV.png


Innovation is at the core of everything we do. We constantly push the boundaries of drone technology to provide our clients with the most advanced and effective solutions.

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We believe in transparency and integrity in all our operations. Our clients can trust us to deliver reliable and honest services at all times.

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We are dedicated to making our advanced drone technology accessible to military organizations worldwide, ensuring that our innovative solutions can benefit defense operations globally.

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