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Unlock New Opportunities with
eVTOL & Edge AI Technology

Use AI Powered eVTOL drones to unlock the new opportunities for drone industry and drive the greatest value to incumbents 

Instant AI analytics for Coastline, Oil, Mining Asset and Public Threat Tracking; Livestock Monitoring for Precision Agriculture and Maritime Logistics and Security; Forest and Remote Area Delivery


Let Your Smart Drone Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

We build the autonomous drone technology for your best practice 

Cognitive Deep Learning

Computer Vision, AI, Robotics and Obstacle avoidance with image segmentation to determine optimal route.

Versatility in Application

To allow drone to complete the mission perfectly that we want to help our customers embrace AI for immediately analytics and instant move for results

Data Science Acceleration

We aim to build the infrastructure and technology platform for aerial data acquisition, where we provided the commercial application for the precision, efficiency and automatic operation.

Full Customer Experience Service

We maximize the profit by large scale data-driven AI analytics for remote drone operation work that lead the accurate decision and enable the enterprise with best-in-class experience

Unprecedented Velocity Impeccable Reliability

AiSeed introduces smart drones using edge AI computing

The pace of global drone development has increased over the last few years with smart drones being used more commonly for consumer markets, rescue operations, visual inspections and logistics. Taiwan-based startup Aiseed has combined edge computing with self-developed artificial intelligence (AI) to develop advanced drone products with better features and higher speed. 

Creating drone products tailored for corresponding purposes


The DVA-sensor fusion data platform & edge AI-automation flight system developed by Aiseed can limit the impacts of latency on drones and prevent the captured images and videos from being leaked. It allows rescue workers to operate the drones more easily and concentrate on the missions at hand. In addition, the company's autonomous flight control system featuring one-click precision landing is also designed for drones to successfully land under extreme weathers.

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In 2030, the world will be full of exceptionally intelligent, elegant, and powerful flying robots.



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