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CyberDrone A03 

Empowering the unlimited, AiSeed uses AI technology to transform imagination into reality.

Military-Grade Surveillance Drones

Advanced AI Capabilities

Cybersecurity Standards Compliant

Customizable Defense Solutions


About AiSeed Drones

"Providing a high-performance small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAV) solution designed for the military, public safety, and industrial inspection markets. Our solution incorporates AI technology specifically engineered for reconnaissance, surveillance, inspection, and rescue missions."

AiSeed drones recently achieved a significant milestone by passing the initial stage of a military standard tender for surveillance drones in Taiwan, demonstrating high-level cybersecurity measures.


Why Choose AiSeed Drones

OnBoard AI Drone Technology

Our edge AI drone technology defines a new benchmark for military-grade reconnaissance and defense missions, offering exceptional performance and reliability in the most challenging environments.

Customized Solutions

We specialize in providing bespoke drone solutions tailored to the unique requirements of military and defense operations, delivering unparalleled performance and strategic advantage.

High-Performance Tech

Our drones are built with durable, high-quality technology, ensuring resilience and operational effectiveness in challenging conditions, providing the utmost reliability for critical missions.

Expert Advisory Services

Our experienced advisors offer comprehensive support, guidance, and strategic insights to optimize drone deployment, ensuring mission success and operational efficiency.

Unlocking the possibility with AI 


Founder Team

"At AiSeed, we’re all about innovation, creating high-performance drones with advanced AI technology. Our drones are designed to support public safety and defense, meeting the highest standards for quality and cybersecurity. We’re here to make a real difference, providing solutions you can count on."
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Joe Wang

CEO & Founder


"We at AiSeed focus on building high-performance drones with AI technology. Our drones are reliable and meet top standards for quality and cybersecurity, designed to help public safety and defense operations. We're here to create effective solutions that matter."
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Monica Lee

COO & Co-Founder


We take public safety and rescue missions seriously

Our Partners



  • What types of drones does AiSeed manufacture?
    AiSeed specializes in surveillance drones for military and civilian applications. Our drones are designed for security, reconnaissance, and aerial monitoring.
  • Where is AiSeed based, and do you ship internationally?
    AiSeed is based in Taiwan and ships its products internationally. Please check our website for details on shipping policies and regions we serve.
  • How can I contact customer support?
    You can contact our customer support team via email at or through our website's contact form. We're available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM (GMT+8).
  • Where can I purchase AiSeed drones?
    Our drones are available for purchase on our website and through authorized dealers. Check our website for a list of authorized dealers in your area.
  • What is the warranty on AiSeed drones?
    We offer a one-year warranty on all our drones, covering manufacturing defects and certain types of damage. Please refer to our warranty policy for more information.
  • Are AiSeed drones compliant with safety regulations?
    Yes, our drones meet international safety standards and are certified for use in various countries. We have also passed the first-stage military standard test for surveillance drones in Taiwan.
  • What cybersecurity measures do you have in place?
    AiSeed drones are the first in Taiwan to receive the high-level Cybersecurity Assurance Specification for Drones certification, ensuring robust security measures to protect data and communications.
  • How do I operate an AiSeed drone?
    Our drones come with a comprehensive user manual, and we offer training sessions for new users. Additionally, you can find tutorials and instructional videos on our YouTube channel.
  • How often do I need to maintain my drone?
    Routine maintenance should be performed after every 10 flight hours or sooner if the drone is used in harsh conditions. Detailed maintenance guidelines are provided in the user manual.
  • What should I do if my drone needs repair?
    If your drone requires repair, contact our customer support team for assistance. We have an authorized network of repair centers to ensure quality service.
  • What is the maximum flight time for your drones?
    Depending on the model, our drones can fly for 30 to 60 minutes on a single charge.
  • Do AiSeed drones have collision-avoidance technology?
    Yes, all our drones come equipped with advanced collision-avoidance technology to ensure safety during flight.
  • What is the range of AiSeed drones?
    Our drones typically have a range of up to 10-30 kilometers, depending on the model and operating conditions it can from 5km/7km to 30km/60km
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