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Unlock the drone full potential with AI 


What We Can Do for You

AiSeed Technology's drones recently achieved success by passing the first-stage military standard test for surveillance drones in Taiwan, making them the first drone supplier in Taiwan to receive the high-level Cybersecurity Assurance Specification for Drones certification, a global standard for UAVs.

Military-Grade Surveillance Drones

AiSeed drones have successfully passed the first-stage military standard tender for surveillance drones in Taiwan, establishing high-level cybersecurity. Our drones are designed to provide high cost-effectiveness and AI capabilities for reconnaissance and defense purposes.

Advanced Autonomous Technology

Our drones are equipped with advanced autonomous technology, enabling them to operate efficiently in complex environments and carry out missions with a high level of autonomy.

Customization for Specialized Missions

We offer customization services to tailor drones for specialized missions, ensuring that our drones meet the specific requirements of various defense and reconnaissance operations.

Integrated Data Processing

Our drones come with integrated data processing capabilities, allowing for real-time analysis and utilization of data gathered during missions.

AiSeed drones represent the future of autonomous surveillance and defense technology, uniting conventional methods with with the most advanced AI-powered drone innovations.

AiSeed Drones

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