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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

Our Services

Edge AI Analytics Modernization

While digital solutions aren't sufficient for the challenging requirements of many drone applications that a new computing approach with AI algorithm can help

Data Science Acceleration

Edge AI Data enhances Drones to be Used in Inspection, Traffic Monitoring and smart farming. The growing number of networked IoT and Drones are the type of edge devices that can serve remote work efficiently 

Versatility in Application

AiSeed's Edge AI platform comprise AI, Edge Computing, IoT sensors and Data Analytics technologies, which digitize the operation process that improve the efficiency, save the total cost and keep business competitive in the industry

Full Customer Experience Service

Drone has been adopted in many industries, and has helped enterprises in many ways, e.g. providing better data, reducing cost and increasing efficiency. AiSeed is known for building up One-stop Smart Drone service for our clients in a lightning and cost-effective way, based on its patented eVTOL drone A01 & A02, as well as the Edge-AI-Drone eAD platform is a Platform as a Service(PaaS) with an easy-to-use user interface, which can be used by enterprise to setup and enable their remote drone workflow quickly. 

Our promise

We tested thousand times and endless software-in-the-loop testing before we test flight in the actual environment that ensure the highest safety of our product 

Grow Your Vision

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Best-in-class Drone Design 

Bridge the gap

We are dedicated to build the autonomous drone technology and bringing edge computing, robotics, autonomous flight system, computer vision and artificial intelligence that creates the future drone economy that leads the a smart delivery system for brilliant future to our generation. 

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